Sergio Lopez Montoltio


Computer Scientist - Software Engineer


Master's Degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB) and Master's Degree in Computer Architecture Networks and Systems (CANS) from the same institution.

Innate passion to create or participate in projects conceived to reach people.

On my free time I enjoy programming microcontrolers, playing drums, freeskating and playing video games :)

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Web Technologies NoSQL WebServices Software Engineering Databases Java C++ Research CSS MySQL Scalable Systems Drupal Machine Learning PHP Jquery Cassandra Javascript Arduino MongoDB Python Computer Science NoSQL PostgreSQL HTML Data Matching Distributed Systems



Master of Science (MSc), Computer Architecture Networks and Systems
Degree in Informatics Engineering


Software Engineer, Big Databases
  • BMAT is a global leader in music monitoring, tracking in 2000 TV and Radio Channels worldwide and servicing more than 30 Performing Rights Organizations in Europe, Americas and Asia.
  • My responsibilities are to develop core technologies for the Vericast Music Monitoring Service with focus in big data management, retrieval and mining in combination with audio fingerprinting.
Software Development, Data mining, Record Linkage, Big Databases
  • Part of the Buscamedia project. Creating a matching engine for data aggregation, deduplication, search and identification. The engine uses music meta-data, artists information, composers, performers, albums, etc. combined with audio intrinsic characteristics (tempo, mood, rhythm, ...) to perform queries that output results with the levels of confidence.
  • DEX Graph Database is used as storing technology where hundreds of millions of entities and relations are stored, indexed, processed and queried efficiently.
Software Engineering, Web Development.
  • Fundacio Equilibri is a private non-profit organization aimed at promoting education in third world countries as a fundamental tool to promote development.
  • Web Development using mainly Drupal framework. Featured projects for the Catalan Goverment: Xarxanet and Xecat


Software Engineer, Big Databases
  • IBM Centers for Advanced Studies: Researching in a project called Greener Database Management Systems. This project aims to create energy proportional DBMS combining both hardware and software techniques.


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